About American Freeze-Dry

American Freeze-Dry, established in 1976, has extensive experience in preserving and protecting materials that have been damaged by water or fire.

American Freeze Dry was originally established to process water and mold infected archival material and library volumes. AFD has evolved into one of the East Coast’s premier companies in the drying, cleaning, and deodorization of water and fire damaged documents, ledgers, books, and files.

American Freeze-Dry services a variety of clients including Doctors, Lawyers, Nursing Homes, Insurance Companies, Banks, Management Companies, Restoration Companies, Libraries, Conservation Centers, Universities, Museums, Government Agencies and Municipalities. We also offer services to residential customers and private collectors.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline! 609-458-0510

When in Doubt
DON'T throw it out!

At American Freeze-Dry we maintain the highest standards in freeze-drying, deodorizing, cleaning and sanitizing documents, ledgers, books, blueprints and much more.


Remove moisture from documents, files, ledgers, and blueprints using Freeze-dry Technology.


Remove soot and odors from fire damaged materials.


Kill mold spores on affected materials.


preserve and protect documents