Other Services

  • File Reconstruction

    In many instances, file folders are destroyed but the documents contained within remain in relatively good shape. For this we offer File Reconstruction services. The original file folders are discarded and the contents are cleaned and placed into new, appropriately labeled files.
  • Scanning, Copying & Shredding

    If you decide to go digital or that the originals do not need to be retained, we offer scanning, copying, and shredding services. Scanned documents will be returned to you on a disk containing all of your materials in pdf format. Copied materials will be returned boxed in the same order as the originals files. Originals can be returned to you or shredded.
  • Pick-up & Delivery

    After a loss, you have no time to worry about how to transport your materials. That is why American Freeze-Dry offers pick-up and delivery services. We will come to your site, pack up your materials and return them to you dried, cleaned, boxed and labeled.
  • Inventorying

    We offer inventory services and can provide you with a complete list of affected items.
  • Cold Storage

    During or right after a crisis may not be the ideal time to decide what needs to be saved and what can be destroyed. We offer cold storage to give you time to make these important decisions. Keeping the materials frozen until processing can begin will inhibit further mold growth and deterioration.
  • Warehouse Storage

    Facility not ready yet? No problem! We offer warehouse storage and will deliver your materials at your convenience.
  • Mold & Mildew Testing

    We offer mold & mildew testing to provide documented evidence that mold spores have been effectively eradicated.



When in Doubt
DON'T throw it out!

At American Freeze-Dry we maintain the highest standards in freeze-drying, deodorizing, cleaning and sanitizing documents, ledgers, books, blueprints and much more.


Remove moisture from documents, files, ledgers, and blueprints using Freeze-dry Technology.


Remove soot and odors from fire damaged materials.


Kill mold spores on affected materials.


preserve and protect documents