Do's and Dont's for Water Damaged Books & Documents


- Remove material from the source of the water
- Turn off heat and circulate air
- Remove water
- Check the value of the materials damaged
- Separate damp books and documents from saturated books and documents
- Insert waxed sheets between bonded/finished/photographic pages
- Pack the material
- Maintain order and sequencing when packing
- Freeze or dry within 48 hours
- Call American Freeze-Dry!


- Open wet books, exposing wet paper that will tear
- Press wet books or pages
- Remove covers
- Write on wet books
- Disturb wet file boxes, prints, drawings or photographic single sheets
- Stack books in piles on the floor


When in Doubt
DON'T throw it out!

At American Freeze-Dry we maintain the highest standards in freeze-drying, deodorizing, cleaning and sanitizing documents, ledgers, books, blueprints and much more.


Remove moisture from documents, files, ledgers, and blueprints using Freeze-dry Technology.


Remove soot and odors from fire damaged materials.


Kill mold spores on affected materials.


preserve and protect documents